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It’s Time to Stock America’s Proven Chimney Fire Extinguisher*!

New Lower Price!

The Chimfex® chimney fire extinguisher product is an American original.  It’s a proven performer that’s been protecting American homes for over 40 years.  When you stock Chimfex® in your store, you’re carrying one of the strongest branded products in the hearth safety field.

Not only that, by making Chimfex® available to your customers, you’ll be doing the community a great service if only one home is protected from damage or destruction.

Designed to Sell in Your Retail Environment

Newly redesigned individual Chimfex® packaging is eye-catching and appealing, and designed to stand out in your merchandising display.  Easy “how-to” instructions are included right on the package, helping purchasers understand how easy it is to use.

We also offer Chimfex® in a display-ready case that contains eight individual Chimfex® packages.  So whether you display small or large quantities … in a “warehouse” environment or not … Chimfex® is designed to attract interest and motivate product sales.

For more information on adding Chimfex® to your retail products, contact us today via e-mail or by calling toll-free 800-637-7807.

Chimfex® is Easy to Ship and Store

Chimfex® requires no special HAZMAT or other shipping classification, so it’s easy and inexpensive to order.

*  This device is not approved or permissible for use as an alternative for fire extinguishers in any building where fire extinguishers are required by law, ordinance or fire marshal regulation.