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Independent Test Results Prove the Effectiveness of Chimfex®

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that creosote is the cause of one in four of all home heating fires.  Creosote buildup is caused by conventional wood heaters that are operating at sub-par performance.

OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc., a leading independent U.S. testing laboratory, conducted tests on Chimfex® to determine its performance as a chimney fire suppressant in a reproducible environment.  The appliances and testing systems studied included two conventional wood heaters with 6” and 8” chimneys, one EPA-certified wood store, and one zero-clearance manufactured fireplace with an 8” chimney.

Independent Tests Show Superior Results

The results from OMNI-Test demonstrated the highly effective performance of Chimfex® as a chimney fire extinguisher*.  Among the key findings:

  • Chimfex® extinguished chimney fires in an average time of 22 seconds.
  • Chimfex® reduced chimney temperatures an average of 53% in two minutes.
  • Chimfex® reduced chimney oxygen levels an average of 43% in two minutes.

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*  This device is not approved or permissible for use as an alternative for fire extinguishers in any building where fire extinguishers are required by law, ordinance or fire marshal regulation.